THE CANDIDATE: Stephanie J. Majercik


COURSE(S) OF STUDY: Communication Studies (with a Public Relations focus), German, & European Studies

BACKGROUND: Stephanie’s involvement in the execution of the  Matt Nathanson 2009 Fall Concert at Canisius College is just one of many reasons she would make a great entry-level employee. She worked as a member of the Student Programming Board to bring Matt Nathanson to campus, sell 500 tickets to students and community members, resulting in a sold out show, and coordinated a successful radio promotion along with other publicity to achieve this result. Employers looking for an entry-level professional who is dedicated, driven, adaptable, and fun should look no further.

She has a broad knowledge of public relations, with the majority of her expertise in media relations and event planning. As media relations intern for buffalofutsal, she created media plans, pitched reporters, and also wrote weekly posts for the league blog. She has planned numerous large scale events in addition to the concert previously mentioned. She enjoys working as part of a team, but also isn’t afraid to tackle projects independently. An experienced multi-tasker, Stephanie has the ability to complete multiple projects at once and always meets her deadlines. She can write both strategically and creatively as well as producing other creative content. Stephanie is a go-getter, willing to try new things and think outside the box.

Her German and European Studies majors give her a unique perspective and the ability to communicate with people from different cultures as well as understand the political system in Europe (the European Union specifically). She is eager to work on an international scale and can help companies overseas. She has spent significant time in Germany, having completed a study abroad semester in Dortmund in 2008. She has also participated twice in a transatlantic simulation of the European Union called Eurosim, which has given her a practical understanding of how the EU functions.

She is active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and has even started her own blog. She can be contacted using any of these mediums and through email (stephanie dot majercik [at] gmail dot com). More information on Stephanie and her experience can be found on Visual CV.

No one knows where she will be next. She is open to positions in cities from Washington D.C. to Chicago and beyond.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: The following people have worked with Stephanie in many settings, and can account for her work ethic and drive.

Ryan Knapp, Founder & Director, buffalofutsal: “Stephanie worked with me as an intern for Buffalo Futsal in the Winter/Spring of 2010.  To say that Steph is a great worker is an understatement. My company is a complete startup, and has encountered everything and anything that a start-up possibly could.  Steph is extremely knowledgeable in PR and adapted quickly to learning a completely new skill set when working with Futsal.  In a short time she was well versed in the subject  and was able to write great blog posts with ease.  If you are looking for a great PR pro who can adapt to any situation, and is an amazing person, look no further.”

Sara Inzero, Secretary-Canisius College Student Programming Board: “I have known Stephanie since our Freshman year of college and have seen her succeed in everything she does. Stephanie is truly passionate about whatever endeavor she takes on. I have worked closely with Stephanie as a member on the SPB Officer Board. In her position as Publicity Chair Stephanie had created some of the best fliers and posters for events that the club has seen and always kept the club members up to date through e-mails. In the 2009-2010 school year Stephanie took on the role of Concert Chair and helped develop and carry out a sold out concert where over 500 people were able to attend. Stephanie’s hard-work and perseverance has led to her many successes making her a valued asset to any team.”

Dr. Ronald Rivas, Management Professor at Canisius College: “Stephanie is a hard working bright and talented student majoring in Communication Studies and German/European Studies. Stephanie works as a work/study student-assistant at the Management and Marketing Department at Canisius College, where I teach Strategic Management and International Business. I have seen her work performance for the past three years. I can attest that Stephanie has a solid work ethics, she is organized, task oriented, and can accomplish sophisticated academic activities. In particular, Stephanie supported me on an online web-casting experiment that I conducted recently in my classes. She was able to rapidly learn and manage various videoconferencing software, along with mastering the social skills to face a class of Business seniors at Canisius College. I highly recommend her.”

Kathleen Martoche, Assistant Director of Campus Programming and Leadership Development, Canisius College: “Stephanie Majercik is a strong role model who her fellow students can look up to and emulate.  Her honesty, integrity, sense of responsibility, and sincere interest in the global society are only a handful of the characteristics that make her a leader in the Canisius College community.  Stephanie’s unparalleled work ethic in and out of the classroom is demonstrative of her future potential.”

Peter Boehm, Ph.D., German Professor, Canisius College: “Stephanie Majercik is a modest and highly responsible person; her honesty and integrity are impeccable. Her inspiring dedication to learning and her compassion for others have earned her an ungrudging admiration by her fellow students. Her interest in any aspect of matters German (language, culture, literature, et al.) and her eagerness in acquiring as broad an education in this field as possible are highly commendable. She has given evidence, time and again, of her loyalty to the principles of Jesuit education, namely to scholarship, loyalty and service. There is no doubt that she will uphold this loyalty in any other circumstance-which will make her a highly welcomed asset to any team or company.”

BEST KNOWN FOR: Her friendly demeanor, comfortable leadership style, sense of humor, and creative ideas.

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