With #HAPPO just around the corner (Feb. 24 – check out @arikhanson’s blog for more details) many PR students and other pros looking for positions will be putting their minds to work to come up with some very creative posts to answer the question:  Why should I hire you? Once the #HAPPO event is over, you shouldn’t just let that blog post, PowerPoint, Prezi – or other document sit around. You can still put your hard work to use after the event to help you land your dream job, here are just a few ways:

1. Customize your post for specific jobs.
#HAPPO posts are usually pretty general as you’ll be interacting with PR professionals from many agencies, companies, and industries. But, if you find a job listing during (or after) the event, all it takes is a little extra work to make your post more specific to that particular job and company. Be careful though, just substituting in company name after company name isn’t enough, make sure that your post fits in well with what you’re applying for.

2. Include a link in your cover letter to your post.
This can be a little tricky. If you’re going to include a link in a cover letter, you need to give hiring managers a reason to click on it. This is better for posts that may be harder to customize, or larger files that you don’t want to attach or can’t simply include in an e-mail, like a PowerPoint presentation. I did this for a number of jobs I applied for – see below for an excerpt from the cover letter I used in applying for my current position:

“In order to show you my different skills and attributes that I will bring, I have included a SlideShare presentation and a blog post created for the Help a PR Pro Out events on         Twitter.”

3. Share your post with your network.
If you didn’t do this during the #HAPPO event, make sure you do it after. These posts shouldn’t just have a 2-hour shelf life. Send your creation to the connections you’ve already made and ask them to share it with anyone they know may need someone. But, again, don’t spam your network, its okay to ask them for favors, but make sure you offer something in return.

These are just a few tips I have to offer. #HAPPO veterans and champs, do you have any other tips to add? How did you put your post to use once the event was over?

For more information about the February 24 online #HAPPO event and #HAPPO-hour face-to-face events, visit www.helpaprproout.com, or talk with @ValerieSimon, @arikhanson, or the #HAPPO-champ in your area!