I have been absent from the blogging scene for awhile, as my good friend Jessica Malnik pointed out to me in a conversation earlier this week.  And while I hate to make excuses, I have a REALLY good one.  You may or may not have heard that I landed a job in Washington, D.C., moved away from my friends and family in Cleveland (and Buffalo!) and thus have started my new and grown up life almost a month ago.

As you can imagine, the past month has been sort of a whirlwind. And so, I apologize for my absence on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog. Now I’m starting to get back in the swing of everything.  So here goes the long overdue, now I’m really an adult blog post.

On my way back home from New York City at the beginning of September, I was stranded at the airport for a few hours. What a perfect excuse to buy a new book. I eventually decided on Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan – a story about 4 friends and their journey through college and the years after (perfect, right?). One of the characters in the book used a metaphor, which I practically fell in love with, to characterize their first year out of college. She called this phase their “freshman year of life.”

I really can’t help but dwell on how true this metaphor is.  New graduates everywhere are facing many of the same struggles, on a much different level of course, that we did when we first started college, or even high school for that matter.  Think about what crossed your mind when you moved into or started college?

  • How am I going to make friends? I don’t know anyone here.
  • This school is huge, I am going to get so lost.
  • What happens if I fail a class?
  • What if I’m not good at college?
  • Why did I decide to go out of state? I wish I were at home. I can’t wait for break. I want to see my friends.

Those were some of my thoughts moving into Canisius over 4 years ago.  Fast forward/rewind to the end of September as I moved into my apartment. My fears were (and are) some of the same. I’m in a brand new city, I know next to no one. While my biggest fear at Canisius may have been getting lost in the tunnels connecting the buildings, now I’m afraid of getting lost in the vast Metro system or in some neighborhood I do not want to be in. Instead of being worried about failing a class, I am now terrified that maybe I won’t be good at this whole PR thing.  While everything is on a much grander scale than tiny little Canisius, it is still very similar.

It’s time to start all over. Embrace new experiences. Make new friends. Make mistakes. Learn to really be independent. That’s what freshman year is all about.

Now, I am going to leave you with this song by Spitalfield. It just seemed to fit this whole starting new feeling.