I started this blog as a result of much debating with myself and the encouragement of my friends and colleagues. I knew I would venture out into the blogging world at some point, I just didn’t know when exactly that would be.

A blog is a place for us to share our different experiences and the impact they’ve had on us. This blog will be no different, I will chronicle my different experiences as a student in public relations, German, and European studies. Also as an event planner, entry-level job seeker, and I’m sure I’ll include an occasional personal story and my thoughts on life along the way.

I realize that the term “blonde” has numerous negative connotations. Dumb, ditzy, vain, you get the idea. I am proud to say that those terms are in no way descriptive of me (aside from the occasional blonde moment-but hey we all have them!). Instead, I intend to focus on the more positive connotations that “blonde” can inspire. Positive, energetic, fun, and an ability to laugh at myself are a little more telling of my personality, and what I hope to show through this blog.

I’m excited to finally be embarking on this journey and I hope that you all will come back to see what I have in store!